Useful Websites on Indian Classical Music

  1. Raag Descriptions & More:
  2. Raag Performance Analysis:
    • Music in Motion – This site usually dissects a Raag’s performances to its finest graphic details – great for students.
  3. About Indian Classical Music
  4. About Indian Classical Music – Instrumental
  5. Raag Audio Clips
    • Index of Ragas – some audio clips for pakad here but it has been at times labelled by some of my gurus as “not exactly right”
  6. Raag Bandishes
  7. Mixed Bag
  8. Regional
  9. देवनागरी में
  10. Musicians:
  11. Carnatic Music:
  12. Music lessons Online

Classical Music in Hindi Films

  1. Classical Music in Hindi Films [A closed group on Facebook]
  2. S.N.Tata’s – Raga-based Hindi Film SongsInteresting hand-written notes but often full of inaccuracies, esp. about film songs.
  3. LIFE AND MUSIC – main source of analysis of Raagmalas.
  4. All about Hindustani Classical Music
  5. Learning Hindi/Urdu through Songs
  6. A.R.Rahman’s compositions – A classical view
  7. Hindi geetmalaLyrics Organized by Singers / Songs / Films
  8. Raag-Based Film Songs

Please Note:

  1. NS = Non-Secure Sites [NOT https], i.e. browse at your own risk.
  2. All Website Links were functional when they were added. Some of them may not work at any time. Inconvenience is Regretted.

More on Indian Classical Music:
The Alchemy of Indian Classical Music

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