About this Blog

For those of you who haven’t read My Story yet, I am Dr Reshma Hingorani and I practice Wholistic Wellness in the Washington D.C. area of U.S.A.

Although my formal training was in Psychiatry and Obs-Gyne, I found so much merit in the healing approaches popular in my part of the world, that I decided to adopt the Integrative Approach, combining the best of Eastern & Western worlds. Of course, working for a greater part of my life in the health sector in India certainly helped!

Are you at the right site?

You certainly are if you’ve ever pondered over some of these terms: Alternative Therapies, Empowerment, Natural Healing, Fulfillment, Non-Invasive, Non-Medication and Wholistic Remedies, Actualizing your Potential, Preventative Medicine, Spirituality… I intend to decode & demystify them to unravel the innumerable layers shrouding Wholistic Wellness.

A quick note on what this Blog will not focus on:

I will not talk about Medications & Pharmaceuticals, Psychotherapies, Wholistic Products, Services or Packages, Wholistic Physicians [if you need to see one, please conduct a local search in your area].

And finally, how will this blog help you to get to Wholistic Wellness?

By showing you how, instead of merely telling you about it. Today’s push technology makes sure our inboxes are bursting at their seams, bringing us to the brink of a severe case of Information Fatigue.

So none of us need one more guru talking about what to do, or giving us advice on losing weight or controlling anger. Because what frustrates us is not lack of knowledge, but our inability to shake ourselves out of our comfort zones, long after they’ve turned into uncomfortable ones.

What we need instead, is an accountability partner, an expert in charge of improving our lifestyle. And that is where I step in!

Let us begin our journey towards Wholistic Wellness here!

Wholistic Wellness


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