My Life: A Work in Progress

Wholistic Wellness
  • Dr Reshma Hingorani – A Brief Bio [Qualifications, Awards & Honors, Positions Held, Research Experience, Other Interests & more…]
  • Some Achievements as a Psychiatrist [Faculty Positions, Experiences in Patient Care, Research, Teaching, Training, Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Media Activities, Consultancies, Book Chapters, Articles, Memberships of Professional Bodies, etc.]
  • Quality Coordination
  • Retrospections [Some of my memorable moments as a psychiatrist]
  • My Odyssey into Wholistic Wellness [The journey, including two near-death-experiences]
  • Sarkar as the Castle [My experiences of working with the Govt. of India]
  • S.O.U.L. [My School Of Unlimited Learning – many Key Concepts (basic building blocks for Personal Development) are explained here]
  • Literary Jottings [in English – Poetry, Stories, Plays, a Novel half-complete, & then some…]
  • #Covid19 [My Information Portal for News, Debates, F.A.Q.s, and Dispelling Rumors and Fake News]
  • स्कूल ऑफ अनलिमिटेड लर्निंग – यहाँ वहाँ की बातें – जो हिंदी और उर्दू में लिखा है! What I have written in Urdu & Hindi]
    • कलम के कलाम [ग़ज़लें, नज़्में, क़तआ’त, अशआ’र, हाइकु, त्रिवेणी, विविध, मुक्तक, नुक्कड़ नाटक, किस्से-कहानियाँ, वगैरह]
    • उर्दू मैंने यूँ सीखी [कुछ निजी नोट्स जो उर्दू सीखने वक़्त बनाए थे – खासकर उर्दू ज़ुबान से मेरी मोहब्बत की कहानी! Some Notes on Learning Urdu – from my love for Urdu & the story of our continuing friendship]
    • हिन्दी मैंने यूँ सीखी [कुछ निजी नोट्स जो हिंदी सीखने वक़्त बनाए थे – क़रीब 40 साल बाद फिर से एक नई शुरुआत! Some Notes on Learning Hindi – from my rediscovery of a childhood friend after nearly 4 decades – a language that had somehow lost out in my race for newer experiences!]

The following are some of my endeavors to promote my passions through different Blogs & Facebook Pages [accessible to all, including those brave-hearts who’ve still managed to stay off Facebook!]

Indian Classical Music

  • The Alchemy of Indian Classical Music
  • Classical Music in Hindi Films [A closed group of over 4000 members on Facebook that I started in 2011. It is more than a mere Discussion Forum on Indian Classical Music, where we unravel it’s mysteries through Hindi Film Music, Non-Film Vocal And Instrumental Compositions, Ghazals, Devotional Music especially Sufi; & any other musical compositions in any language, which may help us to appreciate the nuances of the different Raags. Members: We have a few Gurus (Trained Teachers), some Shishyas (self-taught Students) & many Lurkers and Listeners, who enjoy the Melodious Renditions]. 
  • Jagjit Singh in a Classical Mode [Dedicated to Jagjit Singh, the King of Ghazals – here I present his compositions based on Indian Classical Music, and wherever possible, mentioned the Raag used].




Poetry Compilations

Inspirational Compilations for Connecting with “Self”

Mixed Bag:

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Can the effort of a lifetime be confined within a finite space? Should it even fit there? I should hope not… and wish that this page remain… forever… a work in progress… like the rest of my life…

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