Wholistic Wellness

Why do I use w2s for Wholistic Wellness Space?

Because it occupies less real estate in my life! Wholistic Wellness Space being the focus of my being, naturally forms a large part of my vocabulary. A nickname seemed reasonable, something short & symbolic, which gives me a sense of movement [from w “to” s!]. w2s also gives me feeling of closeness to Wellness, like nicknames tend to do!

What is Wholistic?

Let us consider a scenario. Lucia got a headache yesterday. She took the pain killer for it. That gave her a burning in her chest, so she had to take an antacid. That led to constipation, and while she was busy looking for something to relieve that, her dear friend, Myra called.

Lucia always talked to Myra first thing in the morning, but today the persistent headache soaked up whatever little energy she was left with after waking up tired and unrested.

A soulmate never needs to be told, Myra just sensed it in Lucia’s voice – and it all came tumbling out, the fight, the tension, her suffering. One good cry later, the pain was almost gone, and she felt ready to face the world again!

That was a tiny glimpse into what the wholistic approach looks like!

It’s about healing the individual, not a symptom, an organ or a disease. The whole must be accorded the respect it deserves: of being greater than the sum of its parts.

The conventional approach on the other hand is often like the proverbial bucket with a hole – no matter how hard we twist the tap, the bucket doe not fill up until the holes is located, and sealed.

Those holes are the causes of Stress. And most of us are not even looking for them.

The bigger message? Several actually, but one important one that changed my life was: can pain-killers and antacids and laxatives and even longer circular paths of medications be reduced by attending to the entire life story of a sick person?

Having introduced the word sick, let me clarify some important related terms here through another case scenario: Are Illness, Disease & Sickness the same?

After understanding those concepts, you might find it easier to now understand wellness, especially when you hear terms like “freedom from disease” & “preventing of illnesses”!

What is Wellness?

One more clarification, before we begin: Wellness is often used interchangeably with Health, but they are not synonymous. Just like I provided a detour above to illustrate the differences between Illness, Disease & Sickness, let me elucidate the concept of health that I will use throughout this blog. And because it is a full chapter in itself, deserving its own space, here’s another quick link:

What is Health?

And now Back to Wellness

As we saw in the write-up on Health, the concept of well-being [physical, mental and social] is part of the definition of Health itself. And as obvious from the picture above, the triangle of health is equilateral [i.e. all it’s sides are Equal]. Stretching or contracting any of it’s sides will obviously mess with it’s basic nature.

The concept of Wellness emphasizes this very balance: paying equal attention to all the 3 parts of the triangle. In fact, so intertwined is the triangle of health with the circle of life, that most problems, even beyond health, begin when we focus unequally on one aspect of our lives – whether it be working for 18 hours and leaving no time for relationships, or looking after others’ needs at the cost of of our own.

When you think Wellness, think Balance. And when we combine Wholistic and Wellness, as we’ll see ahead, all the terms used to describe Wholistic Wellness also clearly bring about this quality; and are actually self-explanatory & reasonably good at further clarifying the concept.

The Focus

Balance & Harmony, Whole Individual, Interrelatedness & Interconnectedness of parts, Personal Growth & Development, Finding Meaning & Purpose of Life.

The Approach

Integrational [see Complementary and Alternative Medicine], Multidimensional, Non-Invasive, Keeping in tune with Nature, Preventative, Addressing Underlying & Contributing Factors [the holes in the bucket].

The Process

Active, Dynamic, Evolving, Lifelong, Continual, Self-Directed, Conscious, Maximizing Potential.

The End-point

Positivity, Optimal Health, Self-Actualization, Fulfillment, Happiness, Spiritual Evolution.

Also, the “s” in w2s?

Hopefully we are on the same page about the “w2” i.e. the two Ws of w2s: Wholistic Wellness. And have managed to get to the simple part: the “s” in w2s. [Old habits die hard, and as learnt in school, I try to define each word of each term that I use – avoids communication gaps!]

S here is the Space, and I said simple because I’ve already talked about it in great details in My Odyssey into Wholistic Wellness!

In a nutshell, the Space with a capital S, is my utopia, it’s where I’m headed, to join those already there, and who, like me, are all marching towards a state of perpetual Wholistic Wellness!

The final question: how do we get to w2s ?

If you’ve come this far, you are well on your way because you possess the Wellness Mindset! The first and perhaps the only step is to use this a self-evaluation tool developed by me: Wholistic Wellness Assessment

Just follow it through sincerely, and it will get you there. If you read My Odyssey into Wholistic Wellness that I referred to above, a definite motivation for you would’ve been: if she could do it, anyone can!

Looking for a Short-Cut?

There aren’t any. Let me repeat the three simple steps explained in this link above: What is Health?

  1. Focus on physical well-being, and
  2. Focus on mental well-being, and
  3. Focus on social well-being.

When you do that, you would be leading a healthy life-style: the one and only Immune-Booster scientifically proven to help us fight all diseases – from Common Cold to Cancer to the new C-word: Covid 19.

Please also note that Balance is an all or none phenomenon – looking after your body [physical well-being] and servicing your mind [mental well-being] are as vital as nourishing your relationships, the most important one being with the “Self” [part of social well-being].

The “AND-s” above are not replaceable with “OR-s”! These three well-beings are deeply interconnected and a problem in one will impact the others and disturb our overall harmony & balance.

The strength of a chain is determined by it’s weakest link.
And like I’ve always maintained, three randomly put together wheels of a Truck, Train, and Tricycle, aren’t going to move a three-wheeler anywhere. And those who dismiss these as mere clichés don’t move anywhere either. At least not with me!

So let’s do this: Wholistic Wellness Assessment