My Story

The year: 2012

I decided to stop prescribing medications.

dr reshma hingorani

Now why would any doctor do that? Especially after thirty long years of meandering her way through the corridors of health – from Obstetrics and Gynecology to Health Management to Hospital Administration to Public Health.

And of course, Psychiatry.

But my mind was made up. Too many times had modern medicine met its limits for me – as a treating physician and twice at least when I became seriously ill myself; and there remained no recourse but to turn to alternate therapies. The wholistic approach began making the most sense.

How easy do you think it was for a trained scientist to unlearn some, and then relearn? It took two Near-Death Experiences, but more on that elsewhere in the Blog. I was fortunate to make it both times without much damage. To my body. The restlessness of my soul worsened.

Ah! The tragedies real lives are made of. An imminent loss of anything taken for granted – a relationship, someone’s caring, one’s own health, life itself like in my case. Right at the brink of losing something, it’s value suddenly catapults to its rightful proportions and it begins to appear as priceless and precious as it always was.

Mercifully, I was saved the bigger tragedy. Of mourning after a loss. For I was able to switch gears in time, to survive; and survive I did. In fact, I have never felt better!

I’m Dr Reshma Hingorani and I practice Wholistic Wellness in the Washington D.C. area of U.S.A.


Screams the word-count at me, “you’ve touched 256 – that’s one minute of reading, much beyond the 8-second-attention-span of us mortals!” [thank you for the free-fall, technology!]

So, how about a pact? How about if I let my work do some of the talking…?! And you check out this link: My Life: A Work in Progress!

Let me end this too, as everything else, with a promise to all my friends: that if ever you lose hope, or more, that if ever you need a shoulder to lean on, I’ll always be just a message away.

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