The Alchemy of Indian Classical Music

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This labor of love has remained a work-in-progress for too long – it is mostly a compilation sourced from memory, from little notes scribbled to myself over the years, and in the later years, from the web [including a facebook group Classical Music in Hindi Films]. I made notes from many articles that I am unable to find on the web anymore: sometimes I cannot even find some of the websites themselves, despite my best efforts.

Therefore I am often unable to give credit to the original sources and would appreciate if anyone can lead me to the original sources so I could immediately attribute the material correctly and rectify the situation. I continue to be a student of music, and am merely trying to share my notes with other students!

The Chapters are currently in random order, and material that is somewhat ready is hyperlinked below – all audio-video links may not be functional anymore.

The decision to publish my book online was with the hope that some others might benefit from it. Any inadvertent errors may kindly be brought to my notice through comments. [Throughout the book, ICM = Indian or Hindustani Classical Music]

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: All about Alchemy
  2. Chapter 2: History of ICM
  3. Chapter 3: The Basics
  4. Chapter 4: Raag – Rang
  5. Chapter 5: The Throb & Pulse of a Raag
  6. Chapter 6: Classifications & Divisions
  7. Chapter 7: The Cycles of Time & Seasons
  8. Chapter 8: Notes or Svaras
  9. Chapter 9: More about Raags – Deeper concepts
  10. Chapter 10: Raagmalas
  11. Chapter 11: Genres, Styles, Forms & Compositions
  12. Chapter 12: Unravelling the Gharanas
  13. Chapter 13: Concerts Demystified
  14. Chapter 14: The Maestros [Anecdotes, Memoirs & More]
  15. Chapter 15: The Essence of Healing
  16. Chapter 16: Classical Music in Films
  17. Chapter 17: Mixed bag
  18. Chapter 18: Instruments:
  19. Chapter 19: The Carnatic Connect
  20. Chapter 20: What’s Classical for the West?
  21. Chapter 21: More about Music – Deeper Concepts
  22. Chapter 22: Student Corner
  23. Chapter 23: Frequently Asked Questions
  24. Chapter 24: Sources and References