Literary Jottings

scribbled through the late nights… in the late eighties… way before the cyber era had set in… those were the times of landlines, not cell-phones… of postmen, not e-mails… of typewriters, not computers… of soulmates, not friends with benefits…

as i re-visit these jottings, i realize how strange the scenarios in some of the stories will sound to the millennials, with their innumerable gizmos! they will find these anachronistic… wondering how our generation survived…

but survive we did, pretty well, i’d say. because we belong to an era, when emotions reigned supreme… when relationships had a definition rather different from today’s… times when we actually sat down and did some talking to ourselves…

when love existed in its own unique dimension… when love reigned… and rained incessantly… and ruled, at least my entire being… 
and wreaked havoc… again… and again… and…

literary jottings

these are utterances of a delicate heart, that was incapable of repairing itself in a hurry… and regaled in the repeated pain that it allowed to be inflicted upon itself… i’m hoping some of you may be able to relate to them… or trod down the nostalgic path of those beautiful days gone by…

as we barter depth for a seemingly fuller life, i hope we may find the time to get back in touch with ourselves… sometimes…

so here I am, presenting some teen scribbles… some adult utterances… unapologetically… i have chosen not to edit them much… and let them be, mostly… in all their innocence… rawness… and even juvenility…

the poetic grammar may be weak at places, the usage of words may seem idiosyncratic at others… especially where i’ve flirted with urdu…

Poetry Collections

  • all-most-poetry [a collection of my English Poetry]
  • from-a-teen-to-18 [to be honest, they may be from wee bit later times too, since i took a long time growing up… if i ever did!]


Something Whom-err-us

Kuchh Nukkad-Naatak

  • Gyano Ka Gyaan – Jaccha-Baccha ki sehat par ek nukkad naatak [A Street Play on Mother & Child Health in Hindi].
  • Mata Aa Gayi Re: Mirgi ki beemari par ek nukkad naatak [A Street Play on Epilepsy in Hindi]


1994 – another unfinished project from my lost-and-found list – actually a novel that could’ve been… because 1994 is when I started it… will find a title… when I find the rest of the words I guess…

Literary Jottings in Urdu-Hindi

कलम के कलाम [ग़ज़लें, नज़्में, क़तआ’त, अशआ’र, हाइकु, त्रिवेणी, विविध, मुक्तक, नुक्कड़ नाटक, किस्से-कहानियाँ]

Wholistic Wellness

Because this is but a small representative selection!

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