First things first, I’m not selling anything here, nor promoting any personal brands.

Wholistic Wellness is the need of the hour, especially in difficult times like these. At no time in recent history has the harmony and balance in our lives been as deeply disrupted as now.

Stress is quietly creeping up on all of us. It’s harmful effects are reducing our immunity – we are more vulnerable to all diseases [including Covid]; we are already feeling more ill and falling more ill; our medication dosages might increase, existing ailments might get out of control.

If all this sounds alarming, it is intended to. For if we don’t take charge of our lives, and do it right now – there will be a heavy price to pay. We cannot wait for “new normals” – this is the New Normal.

Let us begin leading the life of our dreams – as close to our Pre-Covid life as possible [barring the restrictions posed by Covid-appropriate behavior].

Let us begin leading the life we hope to lead Post-Covid.
Let us begin today. This hour.
Or else the damage this pandemic has done to our lifestyles will wreak permanent havoc on our wellness.

What I’m offering is a simple hand-held journey to the Wholistic Wellness. The one I took. I wish I had someone to help me along when I got started
[and no, I’ve not been misspelling Wholistic. I prefer it to Holistic because Whole emphasizes completeness,
and Holistic reminds me of holes!]

Or to put it very simply,

The font sizes, graphics, phone-friendly layouts will be worked out in time. What’s more important is to reach the message of wellness to those whose distress calls are pouring in.
All Disclaimers notwithstanding,

Let’s do this

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