The Bird had Flown

Weaving my way through the maze of New York skyscrapers, my thoughts invariably veered towards my ailing father. Despite the best accessible medical care in India, he was deteriorating, and I felt helpless, and rather frustrated at being unable to do anything for him. How ironic I thought, that here we were, his daughter and … More The Bird had Flown

No Room for Doubt

“Ranjana di cautioned me against Nitin again”, my younger sister Neha said to me this morning. She seemed perturbed. Nitin and she were soon to be married. “And what be the reason?” “She feels we aren’t right for each other.” “But she hasn’t even met him.” “That doesn’t matter. She has some extra powers and … More No Room for Doubt

Le Lock Struck One

What do you call those crazy devices often visible on front doors, that snap shut as you let go? Self-locks? Torture-knobs? Well, never mind what they are called. Ever tried using them? D…O…N…T…! You think they are very convenient, huh? No searching around for the elusive key when you are in a tearing rush to … More Le Lock Struck One

My New Music Mate

When a night-owl, accustomed to retiring well past the hour when Cinderella’s horses turn into pumpkins, is woken up at five in the morning, what happens? Sure fireworks? Wrong. A kick in the rear for the unfortunate one who dared? Guess again. Sheer bliss. Impossible, you’d say? Well, what if the night-buff happens to be … More My New Music Mate

The Milky Way

This piece was written in response to the “Ganesha drinking milk miracle” a phenomenon which occurred on 21st September 1995, when the idols of a Hindu Deity, Lord Ganesha all over the country, apparently began drinking milk! … More The Milky Way

A Ride to Remember

Call them what you like – Auto-Rickshaws, Three-Wheelers or plain old Scooters, Shakespeare would still have proclaimed “An auto is an auto is an auto… call it by any other name, it’s just as much of a pain in the…”!! No doubt about that – these rickety contraptions are the uncrowned queens of India’s public … More A Ride to Remember