Card Games for Groups: “The-Old-Maid

Once upon a time we used to be all looking for some Fun-activities with loved ones – until Technology stole all our Leisure Time! A Great way to Bond is to play some Partner or Group Games with 2 or more Friends or Family! Especially during the Holidays or on a Vacation!

And when one is forced to stay Indoors for any reason, especially on a Rainy or Snowy Day, what better than a Game of Cards?

So here is a Card Game for
Groups which is sure to
Entertain you and allow
you to Spend Some Fun-time
especially with Older Kids!


  1. A Minimum of 3 Players is needed to play, and 4 to 5 is Ideal!
  2. One Joker [called “The Old Maid“], is added to the standard 52-card deck and these 53 Cards are dealt out fully to all the players.
  3. Each player takes turns picking a card from the hands of the player on their left and putting down either:
    • A pair of cards (e.g., a pair of twos), or
    • A book of cards (which means all Four of the same number e.g., all the 4 twos).
  4. The game ends when only “The Old Maid” is left and whoever has it is, is the Loser!

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