Teen Patti Variations: The “Mixed-Bag” Series

These are Games which are yet to be Categorized into any Series Or which belong to Multiple Series!

Here are a few Teen Patti Variations which are sure to jog your brain cells and add an extra dash of fun to an already exciting game!

  1. High-Roller Teen Patti
  2. Baby-Steps
  3. Face Off

High-Roller Teen Patti

  1. Any Teen Patti Variation can be converted into a High-Stakes Game by increasing the boot value to x2 or x3 or x4 times the normal boot value or the minimum number of counters that are put in the pot before the game begins.


  1. Special Game for beginners where the table accommodates 6 players playing with only 20 cards, i.e., Four sets of the highest 5 cards of all Suits i.e. A-K-Q-J-10.
  2. The Ranking of Three-Card-Hands is the same: K-Q-J is higher than J-10-9.

Face Off

  1. Here, Player hands are Compared, and players bet over which of the hands will have a higher Ranking.
  2. The players can also place side bets.
  3. Please see the Rules here:
  4. Here is one example of Betting and Payouts for 2 Players whom we will call Player A and Player B!
Player A0.95:1
Player B0.95:1
3-Card Hands Player A / Player B
Trio or Three of a Kind100:1
Pure or Color Sequence A-K-Q40:1
Any Other Pure or Color Sequence30:1
Impure or Simple Sequence5:1
One Pair1:1
4 or More Card Hands
FOAK-4 [Four of a Kind]500:1
Pure or Color Sequence A-K-Q-J200:1
Any Other Pure or Color Sequence100:1
Impure or Simple Sequence20:1
Two Pairs5:1
One Pair2:1

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